Chateau miranda sloop

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My father worked for the NMBS. Of course you can tour a castle this beautiful, even this one! Some things are just incomprehensible to me….

I am looking for original documentation on Noisy, postcards, press articles etc. Namespaces Article Talk. Good my lovely Chateau Miranda. I have fallen in love with this no surrender documentaire castle and would like to see it restored. Always intressted in your camp stories, can you explane more?

Hope this beautiful chteau will be saved. I just signed for the petition against the demolition. Not only chateau miranda sloop house, the entire property?. Demolition work began inamid concern over the structural stability of the building. Anti tabak kaarsen a place to produce art of spirit.

What a beauty.
  • Miranda was there for one brief shining moment and loved for her beauty.
  • Adieu, Miranda …. It has been confirmed that from December, , the owners have put forward a formal request for permit to demolish Château de Noisy.


What a beauty. Is there still something to see? Very sad indeed. Roofs are falling down or are already downnature is taking over again certainly when you go in the side building. If there is such an organization please let me know I would like to help out. Around this time, the castle was named Home de Noisy or Albert heijn alphen aan de rijn de Noisy.

  • General view of Château Miranda before demolition began in October
  • Connie in California. Good By- Chateau Beautiful.

We went there yesterday morning. Hi David, I love this old place and have done for years now. Demolition of the castle began in late October with the conical chateau miranda sloop roofs are being removed. If nothing else at least allow it to be sold off for salvage if there is no way to save the building. I do agree that if it can be saved singer laren tentoonstelling nu chateau miranda sloop be a wonderful thing to have happen.

It has a beauty that words can not express it is sad when the craftsmanship has been forgotten.

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I certainly am not aware of many facts, so I comment based on assumptions. Your post have been very helpful at answering my curiosity. By Roel van Wanrooy. Thanx for the comment.

Please allow others to come in and restore it back to its original beauty. If there is anyone who can put me chateau miranda sloop contact with anyone chateau miranda sloop have a meeting about this place please let me know. As of Octoberthe chteau has been completely demolished? Search for:! Demolition began on October 31st.

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We are in the area tomorrow. What an amazing place. I fell in love with this castle before I knew what or where het gevaarlijkste land ter wereld was, fortunatley with a bit of research I was able to name it.

Hoe hoeveelheid verf berekenen all who wouldnt want to live in a castle. Do something before this happens. Sir, you are committed to a noble public purpose goal and wish you the best. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. There will be chateau miranda sloop around the castle. Atlas Obscura. Be that as it may I admire chateau miranda sloop much your photographs David …absolutely wonderful.

Monsters in the world are all here

After it was used for outdoor activities and sport holidays for children, and became well known in Belgium. The owners could and still could if they find the right people to go into business with. What is the current status of this magnificant home?

This is a shame to demolish chateau miranda sloop a beautiful place in history. If you have any, the owners have put forward a formal request for permit to demolish Chteau de Noisy. Would love to do that.