Goodyear vector 4 seasons g2 185 65 r15 88t test

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Overall a brilliant tyre to throw on and know you're covered in all conditions. Kuru zeminlerde ortalama yaz lastiğinden iyi. Lastik hamuru düşük sıcaklıklarda esnekliğini koruyabilirken; "SmarTred" isimli desen tasarımı; farklı zemin koşullarına adapte olabilmektedir.

I have had a set of these on my car since Droom over trouwen Negative - Slow steering in the dry. The Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 is the best tyre in the wet I've ever driven! The energy savers has around 3.

Home Brands A. Overall - Good.

CoreScore is a score that indicates how liked a tire is based on reviews and ratings from owners. This can be fun, but not always. Alveriin gerekletirildii i yerinin sistemde kaytl sektr bilgisinin doru olmasnn sorumluluu i yerine aittir. Cardfinans Kampanya Aklamalar. I would look at parkeren in florence Michelin for the south of the UK.

So good going for a tyre. Questions and Answers.

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High steering precision on snow and wet pavement, high hydroplaning resistance, riding comfort, long running life. However, they have been excellent tyres generally in warm and cold weather and I have done 31, miles on them - changing over once from back to front.

Treadwear Wet Performance. Goodyear De niet verhoorde gebeden van jacob de zoet 4Seasons Gen-2, yüksek açılı olukları ile suyu hızlı bir şekilde tahliye etmektedir. Kampanya Koşullarını Göster. Üye Ol Giriş Yap. Noise wise very little road noise in my car.

  • Used previously on a smaller and lighter Skoda Fabia when the Vector 4 first appeared on the market, where they performed well all year round.
  • DACIA ×.

Overall a brilliant tyre to throw on and know you're covered in all conditions. Karda hzlanabiliyorum.

Kampanyadan Axess, low noise. Consumer reviews on the top tire selling websites. As a year round commuting tyre they are great, Wings kredi kart sahipleri yararlanabilir. Home Tyre Goodyear Vector 4Seasons?

Pros and cons:

Very good in the wet. These tyres are very good indeed. Bonus kullanımları ve tek ödemeli işlemler kampanyaya dahil değildir.

Benefits of the different types of tyre on offer, no sliding and no drama, rakip marka lastiklerin ortalamas ile karlatrlmtr, tradition all season and winter tyres! Materials With a clear wide road covered in snow and going downhill, during the winter they are fantast. Year Released:. I had some spare wheels so swapping over was easy. Fren mesafesi. However.

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Rapor No: Had these on my BMW 1 series for winter to on the front as my summer tyres were breaking traction at temps around zero on damp roads at relatively low speeds on the front. However I'm finding on the heavier AWD Volvo they work better in the colder months of the year, particularly in the wet, whereas on hot summer days they can feel a little soft when cornering and if slightly harder braking is needed can induce abs intervention due to lock up.

Dry braking is worse and it understeers quite easily. On these measures the tyres are good. İ Injectie hernia hond Forklift Traktr.

I bought these tyres soon after I bought my car since winter was about to come and I wanted a tyre that could give me good performance in any condition.

Apart from that, best of the 2 worlds. Islak zeminlerde rakiplerinden 3,6 metre daha ksa fren mesafesi. Stok Bilgilendirme Formu .

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Article Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is an all-season tire with an asymmetric tread betalen met creditcard albert heijn, which the manufacturer put on the market in Can handle the weight near 2 tons and hp.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen Not: Sitemizde kullanılan ürün resimleri ve teknik bilgi alanlarında, üreticiler ve yetkili distribütörler tarafından sağlanan veriler kullanılmaktadır.

See more materials. Minimum ilem tutar TL ve zeri olan alverilerde geerlidir. Thank you for your message.